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School Notebook


Toby is committed to keeping the values of District 5 while also moving the education system forward. 

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We need to streamline accountability measures so that they are more transparent for all schools, parents, and our educators. All schools should know the expectations moving forward.  Measures need to be reflective of true school performance and a stronger catalyst to prepare students for college or career training. Our teachers need the ability to instruct our children and we need to trust them to do their job.

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It is imperative that we get our children reading by the third grade.  Louisiana should expand access to high-quality early care and education programs for all at risk children in the state from birth to aged 4.  The percentage of our of children arriving in Kindergarten that meet critical benchmarks must change.

We must close the literacy gap!

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All parents deserve the right to choose where their children are educated.  School choice needs to be expanded so that every child has the opportunity to succeed in the way that works for that child, whether that is a public school, charter school, private school, home school, or any other learning environment.


Today’s parents feel a greater sense of ownership over their child’s education and are looking for opportunities that will deliver on academic promises.



It is imperative that our children have equal opportunity to explore the technical side of education as well as higher education.  Meeting workforce needs must be further enhanced through our education system. Not only is this about improving opportunities for people, but also about expanding the workforce and building a stronger and more prosperous state.

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